July 17, 2021

Madin Science Center inaugurated

This year, a science centre has been started at Madin Public School, Malappuram for the 10th class winners with high marks. Sayyid Ibrahim al-Khalil al-Bukhari said that the Madinah Science Center was a gateway to such opportunities and that it was a time of great importance for science and research. He was speaking at the inauguration.

In addition to Plus One studies, there will be opportunities for entrance coaching and science foundation courses at the centre.
The Science Center will have a robust syllabus system for MBBS and Engineering that Plus One can easily obtain. Classes are led by a leading team in the field of the entrance. It is a combination of higher secondary education and competitive training in CBSE and state systems. Higher education guidance on leading science campuses in the country and abroad are also part of the syllabus.

Islamic hostels are available for those from distant lands.
Classes of the first batch started. Admission to the next batch is in progress. Talent Scholarship Exam will be conducted for the students who have achieved results this year and the winners will be given a fixed percentage of the scholarship in fees. Madin Academy Manager Saitalvi Saadi presided over the function. Dr Naseeb Mohammad, Academic Director Noufal Kodoor, Public School Principal Saitalavikoya, Science Director Saifullah Nizami Chungathara, Abbas Saqafi Kacheripparambu and Abdurahman Chemmankadavu spoke on the occasion. For information: 90611 01534