Library & IT Lab

A good book is better than thousand friends, then what would be thousand good books!!!?

Stocked and stacked well, school library brings the firmament of knowledge down to their disposal. The library is rich with more than 15000 books  pertaining to various areas of knowledge exclusively picked one by one by experts. Besides to the printed books, an extensive collection of virtual sources are also made available to the students. The periodical section of the library never miss to update what is new on stands.

Library & IT Lab

When technology does the talking can we remain to be just onlookers? We dive in a minute ago.

The well-equipped, timely updated IT lab keeps our students informed of the changes taking place in the technical world and help them keep abreast of all the cutting edge technologies of IT world. The internet enabled lab gives them access to the unbound world of knowledge and wisdom. They are introduced to the virtual office softs and all other paraphernalias necessary to keep one computer literate.