Attendance and Promptness

  • Regular attendance is required during school hours.
  • Pupils who have been absent from school are required to furnish reasons in writing and are to be signed by a parent or guardian.
  • A medical certificate is required for absences during examinations or for absences in excess of 3 (three) days.
  • Be on time for school, lessons and all extra-mural activities.
  • Move quickly and quietly in the corridors between periods, during breaks and before and after school.
  • Running in the corridors is forbidden.

Home Work Policy

Each pupil is to have a Homework /Life Orientation Diary in which he is to record the homework set each day.

Report on Progress

Parents will receive reports for each term of the academic year. Reports issued in the first and third term will not contain as much information as in the other two terms. Detailed reports are issued at mid-year and end of year.

Feedback on Progress

Pupils are instructed to take every test home once tests are handed back. Parents are requested to sign next to the mark – this will ensure that they are always aware of their son’s progress.

General Discipline

  • Students must observe strict discipline on the campus; behave properly to faculty members, office and vehicle staff, fellow students and visitors.
  • Students must be in proper school uniform and those violating the rule may invite disciplinary action including denial of attendance.
  • Using mobile phones by students inside the campus is strictly banned. Violating this rule will invite disciplinary action including the confiscation of the mobile phones.
  • The properties and equipments of the school are to be handled with extreme care. Students shall keep the campus and class rooms clean and tidy without writing on or disfiguring the walls, furniture, doors and windows.
  • Damages caused to any school property will have to be adequately compensated.
  • Students shall not enter any class rooms other than their own.
  • Running, playing and shouting inside the School building are not allowed.
  • Every student is expected to take active part in the co-curricular activities like literary associates, educational tours, sports etc. arranged by the school.
  • All kinds of political activities are strictly banned on the campus. Unofficial student meetings, strikes and fund collections are also prohibited.
  • Ragging of any kind will be treated as a serious criminal offence.
  • Parents are encouraged to play an active role in the education of their sons – it is a dual responsibility shared with the School.