Updated on

20th August 2016

One Time Payment

Registration / application fee: Rs: 100
Admission fee (I –VIII) Rs: 6000
Cost of Books and uniform to be paid extra.

Fees per year

Special fee Rs: 300 Rs: 300 Rs: 300
Tuition fee Rs: 650 Rs: 750 Rs: 1200
Lab fee Rs: 50 Rs: 50 Rs: 50
Establishment Fee Rs: 6000 Rs: 6000 Rs: 6000
  • Special Fee  includes  Exam fee, Sports & Games fee, Stationery fee (Photos, Progress card, Diary), etc
  • Med. / Engg. Entrance coaching fee , CBSE Regn.& exam fees to be paid extra.
    Fees for an academic year is collected in three installments.

Dates for Payment

First Installment. On or before 15 June.
Second Installment. On or before 15 Sept.
Third Installment On or before 15 Jan.

 Students will not be allowed to attend the class or write the terminal examinations if fees are not paid before deadline.