Children’s Magazine Release Brings Surprise

The release of a hundred magazines penned and drawn by creative young children here at Ma’din Public School brought a great surprise. The magazines were created and released by the students themselves from II Grade to 10th grade of the public school.

The releasing was by the children holding the colourful magazines high in front of their teachers. The magazine producingcontest was a part of Ma’din Meelad Endiorment’15 celebrations. Stories, poems, anecdotes, articles and the like all creations were done by students themselves. Out of the hundred magazines, ‘Prime Rose’ magazine selected for the ‘Campus King Award’, which was presented by Ma’din chairman SayyidIbrahimulKhaleelulBukhari. Principal Unnippocker, Manager Abdurahman, Abbas Saquafi and Rasheed Jalal Saquafi were also present.

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