Untitled-3-copyAs you would know, today Ma’din’s stature in excellence and eminence is significant and noteworthy. However, looking back, this journey of success and triumph of Ma’din as an institution and a community started quite humbly in the year 1997 with less than half an acre of land, with only two colleagues. It is today a distinguished global presence and a source of reputed academic vibes. It boasts of manpower to the tune of 800, over 16500 students and 110 acres of land dedicated to academic complexes of heritage and charity and an intellectual hub of various domains of knowledge expertise – from theological spectrum to scientific and technological horizons with state-of-the-art facilities while retaining its strong roots in its traditions, discipline and culture. We are very proud to recall and share with you that this is all a product of the stern stand of true spirit, real team work, eternal blessings of the Almighty and  staying together in a scientifically woven framework of Discipline – the Motto of this great  Ma’din family.

Again, the disciplined life is the success mantra of every successful organization and great personalities. In a day of easy living, when cult of comfort yeans for luxury and ease, here is a forthright treatment that is vitally needed by everyone is the discipline life. As proverb states, “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” Days of adversity are bound to come. Those who are weak will faint! Only by consistent-disciplined living can “Strength of Character” be developed, that can face adversities without fainting.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The things that will destroy America are: prosperity at any price peace at any price – safety first, instead of duty first – the love of soft living – and the get rich quick theory of life.” Seems the lack of discipline is turning Roosevelt’s warning into prophecy. Yes, it is truly remarkable and incredible in this time and age.

Dear friends, “Disciplined Character” belongs to the person who achieves balance, by bringing all his faculties under control. There then will be order, consistency, and purpose in his life. The end result is poise and grace that will not panic, nor indulge in “self-pity” when tossed into crosscurrents. A disciplined person rises courageously, heroically, to meet life and to conquer it. He has inward resources and personal reserves that brings adversity under control and compels it to serve him.

So, Discipline is a way of life! We must develop a sense of social responsibility, appreciation of common decency, an intense regard for human life, a capacity for warm loyalty and heroic self-sacrifice. These are qualities of character that will stand against ideological vampires – that fatten on deceit, suspicion and cruelty.

Let’s say and share together -Discipline is the Motto of Ma’din – Implement discipline in everyday life. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.