Ma'din Public School
Welcome to our vibrant campus, where learning meets innovation. Discover a plethora of modern amenities and resources designed to enrich your educational journey.

Empowering Learning Environments

Smart Classrooms and STEM Labs
Science Lab and ICT Lab
Library and Literature Clubs

Fostering Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Literary Festivals and Language Clubs
Skating, Horse Riding, Swimming and Taekwondo
Dream Enrichment Program, Football and Athletics etc..

Prioritizing Safety and Protection

Our school employs 24 x 7 security guards
At MPS, we are committed to ensuring the utmost digital security and data protection, fostering a safe and secure environment for all our students and staff.
Well guided data privacy policy

Nurturing Home Away From Home

The school does not have any boarding or residential facilities of its own.
However, the school has a unique arrangement with other boarding schools run by Ma'din Academy in the area where their students can be admitted to Ma'din Public School.

What Makes Ma'din the Best Choice for You?