Republic Day was celebrated
Republic Day – 2019

India 70th Republic Day was celebrated on 26th January with various programmes. Flag hosting is done at 7.30 at school ground by our chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bulhari thangal and Republic Day message gave by principal Saidalavi Koya P Academic Director Noufal Kodur, Unnipocker Addressed the Students. SPC Pared also conducted

Scipro Expo
Sci-pro Science Expo

As to insulate the scientific thoughts and values among the students, the annual science exhibition was conducted on Friday 21 December 2018. Mr Noufal Kodur, Academic Director, Inaugurated the programme. Students exhibited their talents and skills through their models. All the students and their parents got an opportunity to visit the exhibits.

Kerala Piravi
Kerala Piravi

The birth day (kerala piravi) of our state was celebrated on Thursday 1, November 2018 with different programmes. The programmes like Quiz, display board preparation and seminar added color to the celebration. Mr.Saidalavi koya, Principal highlighted the importance of unity in his inaugural address. Mr. Unnipocker, explained the efforts of our great leaders